ATN Exclusive Backup Service

        ATN has spent more than two years developing the state of the art backup service for small companies.  ATN recognizes that small businesses run on tight budgets and cannot always afford a true IT department.  One of the biggest problems most smaller companies face is backing up data.  Most companies don't do a backup or they do, but never check to see if it actually worked.

        ATN has developed a way to not only back up your system but to create an archive as well.  Imagine you deleted a file two weeks ago and just now realized it was gone.  What would you do?  Could you go back to your tapes and get the file?  Most companies answer no, and the file would be lost.  With ATN's archive system you are just a few clicks away from getting back that lost file.  What would happen is the main computer housing your data went down?  What would you do?  Once again no need to worry with ATN's exclusive remote backup system.  Your data is safely stored off sight on a completely secure server.  You can sleep easily at night knowing ATN is backing up your data!

        ATN can also provide monthly statements via e-mail to show you what has been backed up locally and remotely.  Now you can see exactly what is being done.

        ATN also provides a full data recovery once a your for free.  If something should happen to your local environment, there is no need to worry, ATN can respond within hours to get you back online.